Important legalities for Melbourne escorts

Melbourne escorts need to be very aware of the laws governing sex work in Victoria, particularly anyone that is new to the industry or temporarily working here for a short period of time from interstate.

Whilst you will find a short overview of this legislation below, for a complete overview of the sex industry laws in Victoria, please visit the Scarlet Alliance website. It is your responsibility, as a sex worker in Victoria, to make sure that you comply with these laws.

Restrictions for Melbourne escorts

All escorts in Melbourne must have an SWA number and it must be clearly visible on all your advertisements. You will need to apply for an SWA number and you can do so at the Consumer Affairs website. It’s important to remember that unless you have a Brothel licence, in-calls are illegal in Victoria, but you can provide outcalls to your clients.

In Victoria, there are specific regulations about what Melbourne escorts can and cannot do as a sex worker. For example, you cannot provide unprotected services, use the terms ‘massage’, ‘masseuse’ or ‘remedial’ in your advertisements, imply that you are offering a massage service or list (or describe) your sex services. This means that you must not include these services in any part of your profile or advertisement, otherwise you will be breaking the law.

Melbourne escorts can provide sexual services at their home as an ‘exempt sex work provider’, and whilst you don’t need a Brothel licence, you do need a permit and a SWA number (more information can be found on the Scarlet Alliance website); street work is against the law and is heavily policed.

There are also rules regarding the images you used by Melbourne escorts in their advertisements, specifically that you cannot show bare breasts or buttocks, sexual organs, anus, frontal or rear nudity or the genital region. You also cannot show images of sexual acts, real or simulated. You can, however, wear sheer underwear in your images, but it cannot be completely transparent; G-strings, very short shorts and thongs can be worn, but it must cover your genitalia and anus.

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