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Annaliese Gold ~ Your Natural Beauty

  • Dear Readers,
  • If you're reading this then you've seen how delicious my body is.... But perhaps you haven't experienced my body touching yours', my green/blue swirled eyes situated upon lusciously high cheekbones, captivating you - Or my beautiful natured tongue with my residual Scandinavian accent that I use ever so well for conversation and pleasure.
  • I am a very light natural blonde which is a rarity among the adult population, and it's not just the hair that I brush that is light and golden... My breasts are soft and wondrous, my areoles are ever so lightly dusted pink and could almost seamlessly melt in to one with my light complexion.
  • Even given my looks, I am not just eye candy for men whom I pass on the streets, I am a joyous soul who needs to be fully appreciated and rejoiced to be with. I am intelligent, exuberant and use both traits for maximum fulfillment. Annaliese means " Grace " (nåde), and " devotion " (hengivenhet), so let me bring my graceful nature if you'll show your devotion for me.


  • In-calls                           Outcalls
  • 30 min$230                  $280
  • 45 min$350                  $400
  • 1 hr$450                        $500
  • 1.5 hrs$680                   $720
  • 2 hrs$900                     $950
  • 3 hrs$1350                   $1400
  • I am not enhanced in any way, I choose to remain natural and enjoy my body as was given... Just as you're going to..


  • Text me to seal the deal... X
About me
Nickname: Annaliese Gold
Age: 20
Please let me know you found me on Angelbabe
Phone: 0432101263
Hobart TAS, Australia
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